Duvet Reviews

Everything you need to know about duvet covers

What is a Duvet?

The word for duvet is actually a French word meaning bag of down, or feathers. And that is basically what it is, a very large bag filled, though not completely but just enough, of down.  They come in many different sizes to match your preferred size.

How Does it work?

Basically what you will want to do is buy a duvet and a cover (most are purchased separately) and literally put the duvet inside the cover and fasten it. Most of the time fastens are either buttons or zippers though I’m sure there are quite a few unique ones out there. And just like with sheets and regular comforters duvet covers do have a thread count (TC) just like with sheets that you will want to watch for to see what quality you are going to want.


The best thing about duvet covers is that they are super easy to care for. They fit so much more easily in the washer/dryer than a huge comforter would. It really is a flawless idea. Especially if you are one like me and can’t seem to keep that white cover clean, haha.

How to Use

Now the easiest way I’ve found to actually put on a duvet cover is actually to turn the cover inside out, place it at the end of your duvet/comforter and careful pull it right side into your duvet/comforter.