DIY Cozy Pillows

Get fun, get personalized! Make your own pillows!

One of the funniest and most personalized way to get pillows you will for sure love is to MAKE YOUR OWN. It’s a super easy project that gives you a satisfaction buying might not give. I have made tons of pillows myself and really recommend it even if you are just starting out. Believe me with I say it’s super easy. Even if you failed Home Ec class in highschool I have the confidence that you will find this anything but challenging.

Just like I have referenced on my Pillows page you are going to want to keep these things in mind while trying to decide what kind of pillows you are going to want to make. Do a little research (Pinterest is my favorite— so many crafty like minded minds out there!) and once you have an idea, hit the fabric store and pick out a fabric.

Literally walk the aisles to see what you would like, do a lot of touchy and feeling since pillows are made for touchy feely you will want something that suits your comfort.

While you are there be sure to check out the stuffing/polyfill. Keep at eye out for good sales; there are quite a number of craft stores that offer weekly coupons so this can help with your supply shopping endeavors. If you are unsure about how much to buy always buy too much rather than too little. Unless you want a flat pillow 😉

Click here to check out some online poly-fill options on Amazon!

After you have your supplies you are ready to get to work! I found this video via youtube that does an excellent job explaining how to make your own pillows, check it out!

See wasn’t that easy?!

Even after you are doing making your pillow there are endless opportunity to add anything you want to embellish it. Adding buttons and fabric rosettes are some of my favorite little gems to add to a pillow.

Like I said, the best thing about making your own pillows is that you have the power to create just about anything that fits your taste and fits within your own bedding guide. Get fun, get crazy and enjoy!

Check out this adorable page for some ideas on how to embellish your pillows!