Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

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Egyptian Cotton Sheets Reviews

When you think of Egypt you probably think of a very rich country. A country that spared no expense in ensuring quality. Egyptian Cotton means exactly what the name is. The cotton is grown in Egyptian and with the history of the rulers it’s no question why it was given that name. Along with the fine Egyptian name we give you the best Egyptian cotton sheets reviews.


The cotton grown for these sheets is nothing short of the highest quality. The cotton itself doesn’t have much lint on the bud and therefore transfers that benefit over to the sheets as well. You will not have a problem with lint or piling like you may have with other sheets.


Because of the lack of lint and piling the softness is really able to be an obvious trait. Another thing that gives it that extra softness is the ELS (extra long staples) also known as, fibers. These fibers usually measure about 1 3/8 of an inch. These types of fibers not only help with softness but also give that long lasting durability that the best Egyptian Cotton sheets are known for.


Another benefit I realized while doing the Egyptian cotton sheets reviews is the coloring. If you’ve ever spent time checking out different sheets set you may have noticed how bright and vibrant the colors are. This is because the cotton is very absorbent and radiates those colors all the better.

Now, your sheets may feel a little stiff because of these dyes, but with each wash you will be able to feel them only getting softer. So don’t let that initial stiffness scare you!


Now that leaves you wondering ‘who makes the best Egyptian cotton sheets?’. A lot of companies claim to have the best Egyptian cotton sheets but the percentage that they actually use of that specific cotton is up for debate.

So when you are ready to buy, be sure to look for the little logo featuring a white cotton blossom in a black triangle. This certifies the quality of the cotton in the sheets to be true and fully Egyptian cotton.

The other option is just to look for a percentage displayed on the front that matches your needs.

Egyptian Cotton Sheet Reviews

When I am writing these Egyptian cotton sheets reviews I will be sure to keep these aspects in mind when typing these reviews out. I will also be diving more into thread counts and specific brands you will want to check out. This is all to make sure you are getting the best Egyptian Cotton sheets reviews out there.

Royal’s Solid White 1000-Thread-Count 100-Percent Egyptian Cotton

Royal hotel egyptian cotton sheetsThe best Egyptian Cotton Sheet Brand

I’ll tell ya, it was quite a feat choosing only 3 for the Egyptian Cotton sheets reviews for this article. Granted, I could definitely review more and I probably will at some point, but for now limiting myself to 3 is for the best.

For our first Egyptian Cotton sheets reviews we are looking at the Royal Hotel’s sheet set. They have always been a favorite textile company of mine as so many of their bedding sets are made so well. And this one is no exception. If you are looking for the best Egyptian Cotton Sheet brand this one is definitely it.

royal hotel sheetsColorful Sheets

First on the list of benefits is the assortment of colors. The unbelievable beauty that is displayed in these sheets is second to none. Choosing a color to go with your color scheme may end up being pretty difficult.

And not only do they come is different colors, but there are several of them that come in a striped look as well. It’s a subtle stripe, but it adds so much beauty that you really can’t pass them up.

4 Piece set

This 4 piece set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and 2 pillow cases. This is a great deal since not a lot of sets come with the matching pillowcases. No longer do you have to go to the store and try to match the right sheets to the right cases.

Egyptian Cotton Sheet Reviews

It’s no secret that this set is one of the best Egyptian Cotton Sheets reviews. They are incredibly soft, the colors are fantastic, the fitted sheet is extra deep for those thicker mattresses, and the care for them is amazingly simple. Just machine wash in cold water and with similar colors. Make sure you tumble dry low as to prevent piling.

Stop wasting time trying to find the best Egyptian cotton sheets and take a look at these! The rating and customer reviews are there. Now it’s up to you to prepare to snuggle up with these beauties and enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

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Tribeca Living Egyptian Cotton Sateen 800 Thread Count Sheet Set

tribeca ec sheetsThe Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets Reviews

Here is another one of the best Egyptian Cotton brand out there.  This is an excellent sheet set and eludes with beauty and softness.

Available in several different colors you are able to choose one that will work best for your taste and other bedding.

4 Piece Set

Included is the oversized flat sheet, which is great if you are one that moves a lot during the nights and often finds the end of the flat sheet way too much.

The fitted sheet has extra deep pockets so you don’t have to worry about the sheet coming off in the middle of the night. Been there, done that, it is not funny at all. There is literally nothing more annoying.

The 2 pillow cases are also enclosed in this set for your benefit so you don’t have to worrying about buying an extra matching set.

Soft Thread Count

With the 800 thread count you can probably already imagine how soft it is going to be. How restful you will be able to sleep at night. Remember, if it doesn’t seem as soft as you think it should, go ahead and run it through the wash several times. Sometimes the packaging tends to make even the softest of fabrics feel a little bit rough at first.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets Reviews

With a the best Egyptian Cotton Sheet set in your home it will always be your number one set on deck. It may not be a bad idea to grab 2 of these while you are at it so you aren’t left with a sheet set you don’t care for while this one is in the wash.

Snuggle up and enjoy some time in bed before you are even ready to go to sleep. You may find yourself a new relaxing spot after a long day’s work.

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Pinzon Pleated Hem 400-Thread-Count 100-Percent Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

pizon ec sheetsBest Egyptian Cotton Sheet Brands

For our last Egyptian cotton sheets review we are going to do right now we are looking at Pinzon. Now, if you have read any of my other articles you may see that I am a huge fan of the Pinzon company.

They are a great quality driven company that really stands by their product just like we stand by our Egyptian cotton sheets reviews.

4 Piece set

Like the other 2 reviews this one also comes in a 4 piece set. I’m telling ya, not having to buy those extra pillowcases is really handy. And with the 6 inch pleated hem on the flat sheet and pillow case it creates a perfect matching set to the duvet and shams that are available with Pinzon.

Best Egyptian Cotton Sheet Reviews

This gorgeous set also has the benefit of being super easy to care for– machine wash cold and dry on low. Take out of the dryer immediately to avoid wrinkles.

This budget friendly set is perfect if you are looking to save money, yet still enjoy the soft expensive feeling of Egyptian Cotton. Snuggle up in the cloud like luxury and enjoy a comfortable night of sleep.

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