Best Faux Fur Throw

best faux fur throw

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Best Faux Fur Throw

Are you one that likes to cozy up with animals? But you are unable to because of allergies or housing situation? Here is a solution for you– best faux fur throw.

These best faux fur throw are basically the best you can get without having the actual animal on your lap. Plus, an added benefit of not having to fed or care for it the way you would a pet! But choosing the right blanket for you takes a little bit of consideration just like you would consider the best best for you. Each blanket has their own qualities, pro’s and con’s. 


They have able every animal in the book when it comes to faux fur. Producers have done a great job resembling the specific animal to the specific faux fur you can expect if that very animal was sitting right there in your bed. They have everything from fox, to mink, to lynx. All varying in softness and fur length.


It’s no secret that faux fur does come with a little bit of maintenance. We just want to make sure you know what you are getting into before we make the actual purchase. If you have pets or children, you probably aren’t going to want a blanket that will require special washing care… but rather one you can throw right into the washer without worrying about it falling apart.

On the other hand, perhaps you live alone or just with your significant other and won’t have the worry about washing it often or at all. If that is the case, having a higher maintenance blanket probably won’t be too much of a problem for you.


This goes for every item you buy, quality. You want to make sure that the hard working money you put into this blanket is going to last you a long enough time for you to enjoy it. I have already taken the time to scout out each blanket and compared each business to make sure their quality and standards are up to par with The Bedding Guide.

This is where you are glad I have already stepped in and reviews these products for you so you can make an easier decision of what will be best for you. We will go through what others are saying the information I have gathered myself to give you the most accurate best faux fur blanket review there is.


Safari Best Faux Fur Throw Blanket

winter blanket

It’s very rare I come across a full 5-star rated product. But this Safari Faux Fur blanket is that one! It has been given the high quality rating that few are able to achieve. That in itself says a lot about what kind of product this is.

Top Rated Softness

There is absolutely no denying this luxurious softness that comes along with this blanket. At time it is very hard to describe accurately what you should be expecting in a review, and this is where previous ownership comes into play. There has been nothing but rave reviews about the cuddle worthiness that you receive when you make this purchase for the best faux fur throw.


The print displayed on the one side of this blanket is that of a snow leopard. Absolutely stunning and even more so than in the pictures. The other side gives you a microfiber that is equally soft in its own way.


Caring for this blanket is really quite easy. A wash in lukewarm water and air drying completes the washing process. If you care to make it more fluffy go ahead and run a brush over it, like you would a pet, to bring back that fluffiness.


Quality is one thing this best faux fur throw stands for. Quality is one thing all products should stand for. In this case that quality does come a heaviness that not all people would care for. So if you are one that doesn’t care for heavier blankets I have a couple other ones you might be interested in.

But with heaviness comes quality in this sense. You can definitely expect to stay nice and toasty warm in those winter months with this best faux fur throw.

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Best Faux Fur Throw Blanket- Brown Mink

brown mink

In case you all were wondering, faux means ‘fake’. This means that absolutely no animals were harmed in the process of creating this blanket. So not only do we get to sleep at night knowing that, but we get to sleep well because of the comfy coziness of this awesome mink blanket.


This is another top rated best faux fur throw. You can indulge yourself by purchasing a high quality, beautiful, luxurious blanket that will give you years of comfort and snuggles. Along with the quality is the heaviness to help keep you warm during those cool days and nights.

white minkPick Your Style

With this best faux fur throw you not only get to choose between 2 sizes ( 58″ x 60″ or 58″ x 84″) you also get to choose the color. Available in 3 beautiful colors of black, brown, or white, you can choose it to accommodate your taste and decor.


The care for this blanket is a little more higher needs. It is recommended that dry cleaning be the ideal use for care. And do be sure that if you take it to a dry cleaner that they do know how to care for these blankets. Sometimes the chemicals used during dry cleaning tends to diminish the shine and lusciousness.

If you are curious about washing it at home though, give the company a call and get the recommended at home care. Washing at home is possible, but be sure to NEVER PUT IT IN THE DRYER. This will devastate your blanket and it will be as good as gone at that point.

This is a beautiful, soft blanket that will give you those cozy winter nights back in your arms where it belong. With quality to match the softness you will be able to rest comfortably snuggled up in one of these best blankets.

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Best Home Fashion Racoon Faux Fur Full Throw Blanket

fox throw

Take a look at that picture on the side. Does it not just want to make you jump right on that bed and snuggle right up with that gorgeous racoon throw? The colors and dimensions even just on the picture are a dead giveaway of the softness available with this best faux fur throw.

3 Sizes!

Available in 3 different sizes so that not only accommodate your budget but also you taste in size. The bigger you go the heavier it will be obviously. So definitely keep that in mind when you are purchasing.

blanket on couchAdd it to your home– anywhere

This wild throw can give you the added plush you were looking for to add to your bed room, living room, study, or whatever else. Allow yourself to think of a place this would be a great blanket for since it surely will be a notable feature in your home.


The care for this one is recommended for dry cleaning just like our previous faux fur blanket review. You want to definitely take care of this one since the fibers are a little longer than other blankets we discussed. But if you do feel comfortable washing it at home, home washing instructions are included. Again, DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER.

This is a great best faux fur throw to add to your home. The quality and softness suppress so many other blankets out there. The beautiful thickness will give you something to look forward to when you are lounging on the couch watching a movie on a cool winter evening.

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