Best Jersey Sheets


Perhaps you are one that loves sleeping in a plain old t-shirt at night. You wish there was a way you could get that comfy cozy feeling every night without wearing through all your favorite t-shirts. Well, now there is with the best jersey sheets!

I’d say that the best Jersey knit bed sheets are more of a newer invention compared to the regular cotton ones. One of those reasons is because they are knitted compared to the woven linen and cotton sheets. This helps with that jersey t shirt feel and with trapping in the warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer.

Another benefit is that jersey fabric allows for stretching without becoming misshapen. It has a lot of forgiveness in that area and makes bed making a lot easier.

The elasticity also allows for a longer life cycle. The best jersey sheets can last your quite a long time if treated right. Almost as long as that t shirt you’ve had since high school!

A couple things we do want to make you aware of so you can take it into account for your purchases.


Pilling does seem to happen quite a bit more with jersey fabric. Not to say that it will happen with whatever best jersey knit sheets you purchase but it is likely. So if you have a sensitivity to annoyances we may want to direct your attention to something a little more forgiving in that area, like Egyptian cotton sheets.


No, I’m not talking about your internet and tv package. This kind of bundling might actually drive you crazy in the middle of the night when your legs get tangled around the sheets that just can’t seem to stay in place!

The good news is that best jersey knit sheets are thicker (hence, the long lasting life) but sometime it makes it more susceptible to that bundling. This may not prove to be an issue, though, if you sleep like the dead and not move at all…. but those of you that swim when you sleep might have an issue with this.

Here’s the good news though:

Jersey knit sheets are awesome. Plain and simple. They are comfy, cozy, and soft. They keep great color and shape. And importantly— they are affordable! So read my reviews, check out the items I recommend, read those best jersey sheet reviews on the site itself and make the purchase!

Brielle Modal Jersey Fitted Sheet Set

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Are you looking some of the softest sheets for your bed, these are the ones to get!

Brielle is an established company that prides themselves in providing a great quality product at an affordable price.

This company will give you best product for your money. They also offer a wide selection of other bedding sheets, windows panels and bathrobes.

High Fiber Thread Count

Modal is a high fiber thread that is known for the extra silky softness. So when you mix that with the Jersey weave you get an ultimate soft touch that is indescribable. It will give you that good night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

Colors and Sizes

With various colors and sizes you will surely be able to find one that fits your style with help to your budget. White is especially always a versatile color that leaves a calmness in the room you might not otherwise have.

The only downside is that with Jersey fabric is does tend to stretch a little more quickly than other fabrics might. But with and easy cold wash and tumble dry they will be sure to bounce right back where they need to be.

This product, the Brielle Modal Jersey knitted sheets will give you that expensive feel you’ve been looking for but without the high price tag.

Click here to view Brielle Modal Jersey Fitted Sheet Set

AmazonBasics Heather Jersey Sheet Set

gray jersey sheets best jersey sheets

If you are one that finds themselves always in a tee shirt and that is the ultimate comfort for you then you should definitely take a look at these sheets.

Beautiful Colors

5 different colors are available with this beautiful jersey sheet set. Not only do you get the softness of the gorgeous fabric, but you also get to gaze upon the beautiful colors that this bedding set provides.

Best Jersey SheetS brand

If you have read my previous articles you know that I am a huge fan of AmazonBasics. They are a great company and have a lot to offer in way of quality. They have so many different products available, many of which compliment each other in style and color.

Jersey Sheet Reviews

Searching for jersey sheets if hard enough, but when you are looking for good quality sheets, that is another this. With this set and this company though it was an easy decision to add this to my review collection.

Snuggle up in this set will not be a disappointment. And for an affordable price you don’t have to worry about wasting a lot of money on something you don’t know for sure if you’ll like or not. But with the high ratings this got, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Click Here to View the AmazonBasics Heather Jersey Sheet Set

Protech Plus Jersey Knit 145GSM Sheet Set

jersey sheet 3Best Jersey Sheets

We are taking a different route with this next bedding set. This is not your traditional jersey tee shirt fabric, but rather a smooth, softer version of it.

Don’t scratch it off your list yet though! This is definitely one you should consider if you are looking for jersey sheets but in a different form.

4 piece set

This 4 piece set includes the flat sheet, fitted sheet, and 2 standard pillowcases. It makes it a great deal for those that don’t want to have to find matching pillow cases.

Available in four different colors you are able to choose one that will match to your taste and home decor scheme. The colors are beautiful and vibrant, perfect for falling asleep to.

jersey sheetsFlannel Sheet Reviews

The durability and softness of these sheets is really a must see to believe.

They may not be exactly what you were looking for at first, but give them another look and you may just find yourself surprised. And very, very comfortable.


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