Best Bed Pillows


Best Bed Pillows

Admit it. We are all guilty of buying super cheap pillow from a well known large blue box store. It’s a weakness for those of us that just like to get by. But let’s face it, we spend a ton of of life with our head to these pillows yet we like to skimp on one of the most personal things.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to bed pillow buying. These are things that can directly affect our life and sleeping patterns. Look, I want a good night sleep just like you so check out these best pillow reviews and take them into consideration.

Supportive Bed Pillows

The first thing we want to take into account with support is knowing how you sleep. By having this information we can then move on to decide what kind of support would be best for you while you sleep.


You will likely need medium support your neck, head, and shoulders while also providing the support needed for the natural curvature of your spine.


Soft support would likely be best so that your neck isn’t put into an uncomfortable position while sleeping. This allows for the comfort of sleeping on your stomach while still offering support to your head.


Pillows for side sleepers offer firmer support. This allows for a cradle like contour of the neck, head, and shoulders that back sleepers don’t need.



This will be your down or down alternatives. Or if your budget is less expensive than a poly cluster would also be consider this. These types of fills are super soft and cloud like. They will conform to your head the best.


This will be a little firmer of a fill. They give a little resistance but are still pretty soft.

Memory Foam

This will be your most dense pillow fill. They are also very supportive and are often used in cases where a person is in need or each support medically. Sometimes they will soften with use.

Bed Size

Are you ever confused about how many pillows you should have on your bed? Or maybe you are in the store and see sizes but don’t know what they mean? Will here ya go! I will let you in on the little secret!

Twin/XL Twin: One standard pillow

Double/Queen: 2 standard or queen size pillows

King/ California King: 3 standard or queen pillows; 2 king pillows.

Best Bed Pillow Reviews

What are the best bed pillows? How will I know if I got the right one?

Choosing a bed pillow can be kinda scary, you are risking a good night’s sleep on buying the right one. Who knew such a small amount of fabric and fluff could involve so much though processes. This is why I created this site, a site to give you the best bed pillow reviews. I will help you compare what is on the market to help you make an informed buying purchase.

Aeris Memory Foam Pillow

aeris memory foam pillow 1

Don’t you hate waking up with a krick in your neck? It kinda ruins your day. I have been there many times myself and usually I end up at the end of the day with a hot bag of rice on my neck and a couple of tylenol.

No more.

This pillow is perfectly designed to handle those exact problems.

Best Memory Foam

This high quality foam is just what you need for a good night’s sleep. It’s larger breathable surface helps form your head to the exact support you need. The self-customizable memory foam helps prevent against those aches and pains you may sometimes wake up with in the morning.

Great Support Pillow

The cradle affect this pillow has is one of a kind. There have been people skeptical of it’s supportive nature when they first lay down, claiming it’s too high or too firm. But after a moment the memory foam kicks into action and automatically adjusts to the weight of your head in a way that very few pillows can.

This pillow is available in 3 different sizes (standard, queen, and king) and also includes a gorgeous velour washable cover. This is super handy to help keep you pillow clean by having an easy-to-care for cover. Not to mention, being made with velour, it’s incredibly soft to the touch and further help that cloud like feeling with the best bed pillow.

Best Bed Pillow

One of the best features this pillow comes with is the Lifetime Free Replacement Guarantee. If for some reason you are not satisfied or the pillow goes flat this company backs up their product to make sure you are taken care of. You can rest easy at night knowing that. So say ‘no’ to waking up to those neck aches and get yourself a pillow that will last a lifetime.

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Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

shredded memory pillow 2

Here is a new take on memory foam- shredded. Interesting concept, huh?

I thought the same thing.

It makes sense though. I remember when memory foam pillow first came out. They were heavy and dense. I mean, it was a serious weapon when I used my mom’s memory foam for pillow fights with my siblings.

But then there is the problem with goose down just not being *quite* supportive enough.

Solution: shredded memory foam. It’s almost a weird combination of the two.

But it works.

shredded pillow 2-1Flexible to shape

The best part of this pillow is that it’s very versatile. If you are feeling in a firm mood, go ahead and beat the sides down to created a more dense feeling. Feeling fluffy? Push the foam to the middle to create that soft thicker feeling. Either way you go though it’s going to leave you feeling comfortable with this new memory foam technology.

Dust Mite Resistant

Another benefit with this pillow is the hypoallergenic feature. If you are one to suffer from those nasty allergens, stop fighting now! This is a great pillow to help combat that. There is nothing worse then waking up in the morning feeling stuffy and unprepared to the day ahead. Here is your first step. Take it.

Bed Pillow Review

This American made product may just be exactly what you are looking for. It’s a perfect place to start if you are suffering from an unsupportive pillow. Now, be warned that there has been some raised eyebrows about the smell when you first open the package— wash it! It is perfectly washable! In fact, it would probably be beneficial if you did that anyway.

With it’s 5 year — no flatness– guarantee, you can feel good about a purchase like this, especially when it comes with a beautiful bamboo cover. So get rid of that allergen ridden, flat, old pillow and upgrade to one of the best bed pillows out there.

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Z Cotton Encased Down Blend Pillow

z cotton pillow 3

We are going to change paths with this review. Goose down pillow. The softest yet most supportive of those.

It’s hard to find the best bed pillow especially when dealing with goose down because it often tends to be tricky in figuring how well it’s gonna work before you actually take it home and use it.

Best goose down Pillow

This is one you don’t have to guess with though. It’s soft down and feathers are naturally supportive and create a breathable consistency. It’s a medium fill 6″ plush thickness which is great if you are back, stomach, or side sleeper.

Thick Bed Pillow Cover

The thick 250 thread count cotton percale cover is an incredibly softer layer on an already cloud-like pillow.  And although this cover is soft it is also one of the thickest of fabric. This help prevent against those annoying quills from pointing you in the middle of the night.

It’s zipper cover also helps prevent against those allergens getting in and making their home inside your beautiful pillow. With it’s easy care to just throw in the laundry this makes it a great option for anyone.

Best Bed Pillow

With the best goose down pillow a good night’s sleep just night be on the horizon for you. Goose down is always known to be soft and with supported on it’s side with this pillow it sounds like a great deal! Along with the awesome cover and the 3 year limited warranty this is one pillow you are gonna want to consider.

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