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Hypoallergenic Pillow Reviews

     Pillows are pillows right? I mean, you can get pillow cases in every color under the sun so all you really need is a generic one. This is the assumption that most people have and it is false.

I have bad allergies so I decided to do a bunch of research on this topic. What I found was amazing! Hypoallergenic pillows are the way to go not only for adults but kids as well.

Most other pillows have no defense against dust mites but the way a hypoallergenic pillow is produced will repel not only the mites, but other allergy inducing bacteria too.

If you have allergies staying away from the regular down pillows is your safest bet. The down can harbor bacteria and dust at a much higher rate. They are not anti-microbial like the hypoallergenic ones are.

Best Natural Pillow

Who doesn’t want a better nights sleep? I sure do! My natural fiber pillow helps out immensely.

Besides being anti-microbial, they are also toxin-free and allergy free so if you have trouble breathing or nasal congestion this is for you!

When choosing a pillow, steer clear of synthetic fillers like polyester fiber fill and polyurethane foam as those are petroleum products which make it more difficult to get a good nights rest. Natural alternatives will help with your ability to breathe and rest easy.

A natural latex,fibers, buckwheat hulls, or organic wool pillows may be just the ticket for you. They also have some nice down alternatives fillers like Primaloft which work as well. There is a wide range of firm or soft ones to choose from.

Best Organic Pillows

Another option to the best hypoallergenic pillows is going with an organic pillow.

Organic pillows are made with the most natural of fibers. These fibers are completely natural from seed until they reach your hands. Natural means that they chemicals manufacturers use for help produce their products just don’t exist.

Living in the world these days there are so many different chemicals that we face day in and day out. Wouldn’t it be nice to have at least one thing (which ironically is one of the closest things to you) that you don’t have to worry about a chemical sensitivity.

With the best organic pillows they are not only completely natural, but they are also amazingly comfortable and soft. So while there are many organic pillows out there, finding the best pillow for sleeping is super important. While you are looking at organic pillows make sure you check out the best organic comforters as well.

Hypoallergenic Pillow Reviews

It can be overwhelming trying to find that perfect pillow especially if you are already dealing with allergies or multiple chemical sensitivities. So I went ahead and found the best hypoallergenic pillows and one of the best organic pillows out there for you.

Here’s to a great nights sleep!

2 Queen size Firm Dual Zone Gel Micro Cushion memory foam Bed Pillow

bamboo pillowBest Pillows for Sleeping

The Best Pillow TO Buy

This isn’t just any memory foam pillow though. This memory foam is actually a newer technology— shredded. After years of dealing with the much heavier denser memory foam pillows. Manufacturers like this one wanted to have more options for those that needed a lighter support but still have all the benefits of the best memory foam pillow.

Softest Bamboo Cover

With one of the best hypoallergenic pillows it only makes sense that your have the softest bamboo cover to go along with it. The cover is removable and washable as well as eco-friendly. The cover is also zippered to help keep out those allergens that tend to bother us so much.

Hypoallergenic Pillow Review

Shredded memory foam has taken pillows to the next level though. It offers the support a person might desire but with a more breathable feeling to it. The breathe ability is second to none as the foam does not clump but rather allows for adequate air flow which makes it one of the best pillow for sleeping.

Having that awesome air flow is key to keeping these pillows naturally hypoallergenic. Those molds, toxins, and other nasty stuff can no longer hide within the deep parts of your pillow anymore.

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Buckwheat Pillow – 100% Organic Filling AND Case

buckwheat pillow 2What is buckwheat? I had no idea either until I was doing this review. Although buckwheat sounds like it can be found within the grain category. It’s actually related in the fruit department. It’s a type of rhubarb and the buckwheat itself is the hull that protects the fruit.

Interesting, huh?

And who ever thought that buckwheat would be great for a pillow filling. But apparently it’s one of the best.

Buckwheat Pillow Review

The buckwheat is 100% organic in nature and is encased in 100% organic cotton cover.

Buckwheat as a pillow filling is great for those that have a goose down allergy or are extremely sensitive to allergens mostly found in regular pillows. This pillow actually kinda works as aromatherapy as the buckwheats give off an extremely relaxing scent that is heavenlike to fall asleep too.

Now to get to the important part. How is buckwheat in any way going to be supportive for sleeping?

It’s true. It is actually quite supportive and with the cotton cover is provides the perfect balance of support and comfort. It comforms to the head, neck, and spine in an unexplainable way. And you never have to worry about collapsing like you would with other pillows.

Another benefit is that using buckwheat, it’s extremely cool for even the most hot headed person. It allows for the best air circulation there is, which also makes it one of the best hypoallergenic pillows out there.

Bed Pillow Review

If you’ve tried everything else, this is definitely your next step. It may be interesting to get used to at first, since it is like regular pillows. The hulls might sound noisy at first. But in the end it may actually be more soothing than you think.

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Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

shredded memory pillow 3Best Memory Foam Pillow

Because it is becoming so popular and yet is just so perfect for those dealing with allergens we are going to go ahead and review another shredded memory foam pillow.

The breathe ability that is so vital for the best hypoallergenic pillow. It really helps keeps those molds, toxins, and other harmful things out of your pillow so you can have a better night’s rest.

Best Pillows to buy

An all American made pillow that really shows the quality that American made products. It’s gorgeous bamboo cover is a perfect compliment for this hypoallergenic pillow.

The shredded memory foam within the bamboo pillow case not only works to keep the allergens away but is also dust mite resistant. Those that suffer with seasonal or chronic allergies will be able to rest easy.

Machine Washable Pillow

On top of all these already great benefits is the fact that this pillow is washable! How many times do we wash our pillows only for them to become balls of fluff that you have to attempt to punch out. It has a 5 year guarantee to not go flat even after these washes.

There has been some talk about the smell of this pillow when it first arrives. It would be a good idea to go ahead and wash it before use. Sometimes traveling does funny things to packaging, so a good wash would make it smelling good and ready for use.

Best Pillow for sleeping

The shredded memory foam will custom form to your head and neck leaving your supported and comfortable for a good night’s sleep. The ventilation for this pillow is awesome for what ails you. Stop fighting those nights to get sleep and allow this pillow to give you the deeper sleep you’ve always needed.

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