Nest Bedding Reviews

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Nest Bedding Reviews

Nest bedding, one of the premier mattress companies, is famous for their Alexander mattresses. They come in firm, medium and soft memory foam varieties. There is also a hybrid innerspring mattress as well. Here are some extensive Nest bedding reviews, so let’s get started!

What’s The Construction Process?

The soft, medium and firm varieties are thirteen inch memory foam mattresses that are compressed in box which expands immediately once opened. The hybrid variety has a similar top layer but uses a coil system and not base foam.

The memory foam is made of a combination of a 1.8 pound density as well as a 4 pound density. The two foams are separated in the middle by a foam layer.

The top layer is quilted, with a width of 1.5 to 2 inches depending on the variety.

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Nest Bedding Experience?

•    Alexander Firm – It’s an ultra-firm memory foam mattress that might feel a bit hard at first. However, with time, it will contour to your body shape. It’s perfect for bigger people who sleep mostly on their stomach or back. People with broad shoulders and sleep on their side should also enjoy this mattress.

•    Alexander Medium – It is considerably softer than the counterpart named above. It’s perfect for people with an average body weight. Also, if you love sleeping on your side or back, the mattress should be perfect for you.

•    Alexander Soft– It is the softest mattress of the bunch. It has been specifically designed for people with an athletic or slim build who love sleeping on their back or side. That’s because the mattress will not cause any pressure and there is no extra alignment needed.

•    Alexander Hybrid – The firmness level falls between that of the Medium and Soft variety. Rather than the high resiliency foam, the mattress uses coils. Therefore, it’s considerably bouncier. It’s perfect for people who need something that’s a little softer than average.

It’s also perfect for people who don’t like memory foam mattresses and side sleepers who are looking for mattresses that have an average softness.

No Chemical Odor

Most people dislike buying new mattresses because they have a chemical odor that might be quite annoying at first. Not so with the Nest mattresses because there is no chemical odor. This fact has been backed up by the CEO and other satisfied customers who have had the privilege of using the mattress.

Nest Bedding Reviews

The mattresses also come with a warranty that stretches over 20 years. If during that period the mattress sags more than it should or the seams come out, always use your warranty to get it exchanged.

Keep in mind that the industry standard for warranties revolves around 10 years. Therefore, the Nest company does everything possible to make sure that the customers are pleased!

The prices are a little higher than those of other brands in the market, but that’s acceptable since the mattresses are of the highest quality. It’s worth a great nights sleep!

In conclusion, there are many mattress brands currently in the market. If you’re looking for a good one and a great nights rest, try the Nest Alexander line!

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