Hypoallergenic Comforter Reviews

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Allergens are everywhere. In the furniture, our closet, outside, inside, and especially in our beds. These little buggers pounce in our most intimate place of rest and wait to attack us while we sleep. Some of us are more sensitive to this then others which is why I created the hypoallergenic comforter reviews.

The term hypoallergenic is actually misconstrued. When people thinking about hypoallergenic comforter they think that it’s a special type of goose down that helps with a goose dander allergy. The truth is that if you are allergic to goose down or dust mites, any type of goose down is going to make you uncomfortable.

What hypoallergenic actually means is that it’s made in such a way that they allergens in the air we fight have a much harder time making a home in our bedding.

Also, a lot of times people get confused thinking that they could be allergic to goose down, but it’s actually just the amount of allergens or dust mites that have made their home in the bedding. This is especially true for bedding that is stored in a damp area such as a closet, basement, or even attic.

How can we prevent this?

Buy the best hypoallergenic comforter! These comforters are created just for you in mind! The allergen blocking fabric is a perfect solution to creating the best comforter for allergies to help you get back to a good night’s sleep. In fact, a lot of companies give a money-back guarantee if the hypoallergenic is not helping get a better night’s rest.

Baffle Box Design

It’s true that you learn something new everyday. Today it was about the baffle box design. I had heard of it for a while but never really understand what it meant. Allow me to pass on that knowledge now with the hypoallergenic comforter reviews. feathered-friends-comforter-comparison


I had always thought that in order to keep the feathers in their correct squares that they had just sewn through the comforter to give that box pattern. The baffle box is a different design. Rather than sewn through, the comforter is actually made like tubes as inside the box as 4 walls.

How does this help?


This allows for ultimate fluff. By giving more the feathers more room, especially height, this gives maximum potential warmth. So when you are buying the best hypoallergenic down comforter I want to make sure you know how to properly care for it.


One thing about hypoallergenic comforters that you need to keep in mind is the care. The care is a little different and may end up being a little bit more high maintenance due to the special coating on the comforter to keep those allergens away.

Comparing and Reviewing Hypoallergenic Comforter Reviews

Even taking all the information of the hypoallergenic comforter into review we still need to take the other goose down comforter qualities– fill power, density, and maturity. While keeping all of this in mind I have put together several reviews for you to compare hypoallergenic comforters. This takes the guess work out of buying and gives you simple easy information for an informed purchase!

Siberian Goose Down Comforter 100 percent Egyptian-Cotton

hypoallergenic queen 1Best Comforter for allergies

This medium warmth comforter is great for all year round comfort for our next hypoallergenic comforter reviews. It won’t leaving you wanting more warmth in the winter or too hot in the summer.

It’s a beautiful crisp white which you could either use just as a comforter or use in a duvet. The possibilities are up to you!

Not only do you get to enjoy the rich softness of this beautiful comforter but it is also worry free of allergens. Sleep in peace.

Maximum Fill Power

Coming in at 750+ Fill power which is 50 oz of 100% Goose Down you will be at your maximum comfort with this comforter. Packed to capacity with goose down will leave you feeling soft and warm. If you ever feel like the comforter has gone flat, all you have to do it fluff up the down and you will find the rich thickness once again.

Egyptian Cotton Fabric

With 500TC of Egyptian-Cotton the best hypo-allergenic comforter with its baffle box design is the softest of it’s kind. 500 is a perfect amount for a thread count. Also being hypoallergenic and allergy free it makes it ideal for those that struggle daily with allergens.

The one down side is that it is dry clean only, so be wary of anything that could case stains. But it’s said that even with higher maintenance care it is still incredibly worth the buy.

Hypoallergenic comforters reviews

It comes in a brand new, factory sealed reusable package that comes with zipper to offer extra protection from allergens. No longer do you have to worry about buying something online not knowing what could possible come with it. Protection from allergens is #1 priority and with the best hypoallergenic comforter you want to get that.

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hypo comforter 2Here’s another beautiful goose down comforter. With 4.7 stars out of 187 reviews it’s pretty easy to say that this is a fantastic comforter to consider to purchase.

It has all the qualities of a great comforter plus the added protection of being allergen free.  Making it one of the best comforters for allergies.


Fill Power of 750+

With 50 oz of pure fill weight with 100% Goose Down it makes for an ultra soft and comfy comforter. The baffle box design really helps make that 100% goose down go as far as it can. Just give it a couple of fluffs and you’ll get yourself the maximum

The softest fabric

The luxurious 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton fabric makes this one of the softest comforters out there. Also being hypoallergenic and allergy free gives you an excellent night’s sleep. No more worrying about those pesky allergens making their own in your beautiful hypoallergenic comforter.

Hypoallergenic Comforter Reviews

With the great customer service that this company offers, they really understand the need for helping those with severe allergies. They cater completely to making sure your comfort is the biggest priority. It comes sealed in a factory reusable package so you don’t have to worry about 

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LUXURIOUS Queen Size Siberian GOOSE DOWN Comforter

hypo comforter 3For our last hypoallergenic comforter reviews we will be looking at one that is very similar to the previous two. This one is a little more affordable but still possesses all of the same qualities as the previous two.

Whether you decide to use this as a duvet insert or a regular comforter, the 90×90 queen sized comforter is a gorgeous product from a great company to back it up.

Best Hypoallergenic Comforter for Allergies

With the gorgeous 600 thread count of Egyptian Cotton Fabric, it makes it an awesome comforter.Egyptian cotton is known for one of the softest and smooth fabrics out there. It’s name even derives from a country that only uses the finest of products.

5-6inches of thick Goose Down

The filling with this one is also 750+ of fill power and is 60 oz of fill weight.  The 100% goose down along with the baffled design you are able to sleep in a gorgeously 5-6 inches of down thickness.

Hypoallergenic Comforter Reviews

Just like the other 2 comforters, this one comes in the factory sealed package. The company that makes this one is the same company as the review before. But I think it’s good to mention about how great this company is.

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