Best Organic Comforter

best organic comforter

Organic is another name for all-natural. This means that the way the product was created was with only natural products. No chemicals or pesticides were used in the making of producing the product. All the way from seed, to harvest, to production. Giving us the best organic comforter money can buy.

What does it mean for comforters?

For comforters this means that the products used for its creation are purely natural. This gives it a unique softness that one can’t manufacture with non-natural fibers. Usually you will found wool to be the best to compliment the best organic comforter which is why you may see that kind more than others. Wool also happens to out perform most fibers to give you the best organic comforter.

Best Organic Bedding


One of the greater benefits of organic is the breath ability. Free flowing air is not hinder by the chemicals within the fabric but rather welcome breath ability without the draft. This also helps you regulate your body temperature a lot better, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


The softness of organic is undeniable. If you’ve ever felt anything organic related you probably have had a had time letting it out of your grasp. Being able to fall asleep in such softness would probably allow one to die happy!

 No Chemicals/Dyes

More and more these days people are finding themselves sensitive to the dyes and chemicals that integrate our daily lives. It’s hard to get away from. But with organic comforters that will no longer be a worry. You can sleep in peace knowing you are surrounded by organic softness.

Best Organic Bedding

As always we are going to want to refer back to our other factors we talked about in our alternate comforter and down comforter guidefabric type, fill power, warmth level, thread count, etc. All of these still come into play even though we are looking at organic comforters. But don’t worry! I’ve already done that and have the results below!

What Else Can you Do

Are allergens and sensitives just taking over your life? There is a couple other things you can do to help out with that.

1. Get an air purifier

This helps get all those yucky molds and allergens out of your bedroom and gone! We breath in so much that having at least one room in your home that had pure air is told to do wonders for your health.

2. Replace your mattress or get an organic mattress topper

I know it’s a lot to handle to get a new mattress, those things aren’t cheap! But you wouldn’t believe what lies in our mattresses. And I’m not even talking about what happens after you buy it, but rather the chemicals that go into making such a product. Sleeping on an organic mattress would compliment your bedding. If you can’t afford that– a more budget friendly solution would be getting an organic mattress topper!

3. Keep it clean!

Wash your linens! Keep your room clean! You know that smell you just can’t seem to find, well, it may be that apple that fell under your bed that you forgot about. This adds to the air allergens and sensitivities. Even devoting just 15 minutes a day to keep your room clean does wonders! Try it out! Set the timer and go!

4. Air out your bedding

While this is not a common practice in the United States, many countries air out their bedding daily. Mostly their comforters. I wonder why we are take on that habit more. It sounds delightful. Can you imagine falling asleep every night to that air fresh smell? (note: This probably isn’t something I would recommend if you have seasonal allergies, yikes.)

I could go on about healthy sleeping habits and what you can do to help wean out those chemicals and sensitivities in your home. But I’ll keep it simple for now.

Comparing and Reviewing

With my organic comforter reviews I will give you the best information to help you make that purchase to get your a better night’s sleep. I have taken many things into account to come to the conclusion that these comforters are some of the best out there. I have taken the time and double checked my work of the best organic bedding so you don’t have to.


Sleep & Beyond Organic Merino Wool Comforter

organic woolFor our first review we are going to look at the Sleep & Beyond company for their best organic comforter. Made with 100% wool that will keep you warm for year round softness.

Sleep & Beyond knows the struggles of multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) which is why they created an organic comforter that would put those sensitivity fears to rest. But not only are they providing relief from those sensitivities, they also created a soft, warm comforter in the process.

Scientifically proven for better night’s rest

What’s better yet is that they have had their best organic comforter scientifically tested to prove it’s authentication. What resulted is that those that used the best organic wool comforter were more relaxed which thus provided a better REM sleep pattern. It’s hard to find the best organic bedding that did that.


It is recommended to go ahead and get a cover when you buy the comforter. If you are unable to do so, care may be a little more difficult. There has been some conflict over whether or not to dry clean or wash at home. The best option is just to spot clean. If you have a big enough washer though, carefully read the wool care instructions to avoid any shrinkage.

Whatever the case DO NOT dry clean. Dry cleaning completely defeats the purpose of buying the best organic comforter. It opens your pure organic comforter up to numerous chemicals and allergens that you really don’t want to bring home with you.

Best Organic Wool Comforter

Stop tossing and turning all night when you are dealing with MCS. The best organic comforter is waiting for you right here. With it’s warm wool and soft 100% organic cotton sateen fabric you can drift off to sleep knowing that you will sleep safe.

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Holy Lamb Organics Wool Comforter

holy lamb comforterBest Organic Bedding

Our next review comes from Holy Lamb Organics. Another great company with a great product with the best organic bedding.

It’s hard to come by products that have such high customer reviews, but this organic comforter is one of them. 5.0 stars across the board. That’s pretty impressive.

With its organic cotton cover and it’s premium eco-wool you are sure to feel comfortable and warm in the best organic wool comforter.

3 Levels of Warmth

One of the most unique things about Holy Lamb products is that they are specifically tailored to meet your exact needs. Each size has 3 different warmth values available.

Their Cool Comfort Organic Comforter is targeted more for those that live in the southern states and that wouldn’t require the heavier wool to keep them warm. This prevents over heating. Though if you are one whose body tends to run very warm, even in a northern state this still may be one to take a glance at.

holy lamb comforter 2The Extra Warmth Organic Comforter is great for those that live in a northern state or happen to be one whose body runs cooler. The wool comforter offers more wool to keep warmer during those colder months.

The Perfect Comfort Organic Comforter is the one that is the most popular as it is a happy-medium between the previous two comforters. It is great for that year round softness of not too hot and not too cold.

Organic Wool Comforter Reviews

These are some of the best organic comforters, so soft, light, and warm. It’s a hard one to pass up. Let yourself enjoy this warm and soft comforter in the safety knowing it’s all natural and pure.

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Bio Sleep Concept All Season Organic Wool  Comforter

bio sleep organic comforterThe best part about wool is that it’s one of the most natural fibers out there. I mean, looks of fibers could be natural, but wool is just the easiest to keep natural and translate into the best organic comforter.

Wool is naturally warm without doing too much to enhance the fibers.

With Bio Sleep they’ve gone ahead and taken that natural wool and created a beautiful organic comforter just for you!

100% Cotton Cover

Made with the softest 100% cotton cover that is also organic in it’s origin. You should also know that there is cursive script in the fabric claiming it’s organic quality. It’s ever so light, but it is there so if you are bothered by this a simple solution would be getting an organic cover or duvet to go over top it.

Best Organic Comforter

With that being our final review I hope that was helpful in helping you decide which organic comforter would be best for you. This would be an equally awesome comforter that ensures the natural quality organic comforters are known for. Sleep well, my friends!

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