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Best Duvets to Buy

Bamboo used for sheets, comforters, and duvets is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people see the benefits of what it can actually do for a person. Bamboo is an all natural fiber cut from bamboo stalks. The best part is that no herbicides or chemicals are used to grow bamboo. When bamboo is harvested it is cut like grass leaving the roots intact so it is able to grow back at a rapid pace.

Natural Duvets

Because of it’s natural origin, it has become one of the best and smartest purchases for those that struggle daily with chemical sensitivities. Bamboo has a natural anti-tactical that translates from growth to harvest to production to your bed. This also helps keeps the freshness intact longer, making longer time periods between washing, and therefore giving your bedding a longer life cycle.


One of the biggest selling points for bamboo bedding is the breath ability. A person that suffers from night sweats or perhaps is pregnant is likely more able to have a better night’s sleep with bamboo. It wicks away moisture by by absorbing it 3-4 times more than cotton. Because of it’s breath ability it also assimilates to your natural body temperature much faster than other fabric getting your warmer faster in the winter and keeping you cooler longer in the summer. This provides an ideal balance while you sleep.


There is an undeniable softness that is present with bamboo duvets. This goes back to the natural origin and lack of chemicals. These natural fibers that are under hindered by harsh reactions are not only saved but enhanced within the bamboo bedding.

Bamboo Duvet Reviews

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all this bedding talk. If you don’t know a lot about bamboo adding that in can get especially too much. But no worries! I put together some of the best bamboo duvets reviews for your ease. So rest easy (pun intended) and follow these comparisons to help you make an informed purchase!


BambooDreams Duvet Cover

bamboo duvetsBest Bamboo Duvet

Finding a great duvet can be frustrating. Not only are trying to find something that does with your decor, you also have to find the right fit, fabric, and features.

With our first bamboo duvet review are looking at the Bamboo Dreams duvet. Coming in highly rated and with many satisfied customer reviews, this is a great duvet for those that are looking for one.

Beautiful Colors

With several available colors you will be able to pick one that will fit closest to your home decor. The best thing about duvets is that you can switch them around without buying and entire duvet/comforter set. You can buy a couple of them and switch them around for washes or seasons.

Silk Like Feeling

The beautiful bamboo fabric is so soft that it’s almost silk like in texture. Many have said it is the softest fabric they have ever felt. Along with being beautiful it is also durable and strong, which is a must-have with a duvet that get so much use.

Bamboo Duvet Review

The button closure and the interior ties to attach the comforter to the duvet are super handy to keep everything in place. Overall this is a great duvet to consider for purchase. The natural looking colors are neither too bright or too dull. The fabric is extremely and comfortable. You may start finding yourself in bed more often with a beautiful duvet like this one.

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Rayon from BAMBOO 3pc Duvet Set

bamboo duvet 2Best Duvets to Buy

For our next review we are looking Egyptian Cotton Factory Outlet Store’s bamboo duvet set. I have seen a lot of their work and they have some of the highest rated products.

They know how to make great quality products and take very good care of their customer’s needs.

Luxurious Duvet

With the 800 thread count and 100% silky Rayon from Bamboo is some of the softest fabric out there. It comes in a beautiful 3 piece set– the duvet, and 2 pillow shams— that match perfectly together for a beautiful combination. Available in 8 different colors you have the choice to choose one that matches best with your style and taste.

Easy Care

This easy wash care is very handy for those of you that are short on time. Why pay so much money only to have it dry-clean only? Not with this one. Simply wash in cold water with similar colors, tumble dry low, and take out immediately to avoid wrinkles. That’s all it takes. How simple is that? The best part is that this beautiful set only get more gorgeous with each wash.

Bamboo Duvet Reviews

The handy buttons at the footer of the duvets makes this elegant duvet easy to slip right over your existing comforter. Snuggling up for bed with this set will probably make you never want to leave. With a product like this made from a great company it’s hard to see where you could go wrong.

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White Silky Soft Duvet Covers 100% Rayon from Bamboo Duvet Cover Sets

bamboo duvet 3Best Quality Duvet

For our last review we are looking at a duvet set brought to you by the Royal Hotel. I’ve done plenty of reviews for them and they are a very great company that offers a lot of great quality products.

This duvet is no exception. It offers comfort and softness in a way that no other duvet does.

Luxurious Duvet

Made from 100% rayon from bamboo duvet covers the 300 thread count creates the ultimate softness that is hard to find anywhere else.

The low thread count helps keep the piling down. With bamboo fibers, they are a lot shorter than cotton fibers, so the higher you go with bamboo fibers, the worse the piling is. 300 thread count is perfect for giving you the softness without the all the nasty piling.

The luxurious softness will make you find yourself hard to get out of bed in the morning.

Easy care Duvet

Another benefit for this duvet is they fact that it is incredibly easy to care for. Just machine wash in cold water only. Delicate cycle is best. Remove and dry under low heat. Take out immediately to avoid wrinkles.

Duvet Reviews

Available in 2 different sizes, this is a great duvet for everyday or for a guest room that is used for family visits. It is a quality duvet for an affordable price. With several different colors to choose from you will be able pick one that you like the most. Maybe even grab 2 of them while you are at it!

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