Weighted Blankets for Adults and Kids

weighted blankets for adult

What are Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blanket are poly pellet filled blankets that are designed to help lower the stimulates in the body. The poly pellets add just enough weight to  apply pressure throughout the body that is used to help calm and relax anyone from baby to adult.

The best weighted blankets are perfect for a safe and effective non-drug therapy to help with anything from anxiety, to  ADHD, to sleep disorders.

Research has found that deep pressure touch releases serotonin. During a time of frazzled nerves or hyperactivity, the serotonin that is released from the brain helps calm and helps the body regain control. By using a weight blanket for this deep pressure touch, we can help the release of serotonin in a safe and relaxing way.

These poly pellets are hypoallergenic which makes these blankets easy to keep clean while also lowering the chance of allergens taking up home within these weighted blankets for adults.

Do Weighted Blankets Help Improve Sleep?

It is said that a person that has the hardest time sleeping can much easily fall asleep while using one of these blankets. The weight contours perfectly to the back, shoulders, and neck to create an optimal sleep cycles.

Although we can not guarantee a good night’s sleep with any of these weighed blankets, we do believe that some people have had success with weighted blankets for sleep.

Weighted Blanket for Anxiety

Not only has it been said that the weighted blankets helps with sleeping, but also that you can use the weighted blanket for anxiety as well.

In this day and age it is not unusual to have to endure any kind of anxiety related condition. But instead of taking the medicated route, you may want to try the non-drug option and get a weighed blanket for anxiety.

Again, we are not doctors to say that it will cure anxiety, but these blanket do have research to back up the help it can give.

What is the Right Sized Weighted Blanket?

The recommended size for a weighted blanket is 10% of ones body weight plus one pound. Research has found this to be an optimal weight size for each particular weight group.

If you are using a weighted blanket for a younger child, by sure to take each precaution with size and weight. A person should never struggle underneath a weighted blanket. If they do, then it is too much for them and would not be considered safe.

Be sure to watch a weighted blanket in use on others the first couple times to allow them to adjust to the weight and get used to the feeling of the weight. They need to be comfortable and feel able to move themselves as need be.

Weighted Blanket for adults and kids

For our first review we are looking at this beautiful, soft weighted blanket.

This company that was created by a parent that has dealt with a child with sensory issues.

They have done their research and have personally seen great success for what a weighted blanket can do to help with sensory issues.

This brand comes in 6 different weight sizes in the adult sizes. That way you can more closely customize the weight you need while still being able to stay within the same product line.

Soft Cotton Fabric

Innovative curved cut out portion at the top which allows the blanket to properly contour around the shoulders.

While filled with the PET pellets for weight, there is added hypoallergenic poly filling. Weighted with PET pellets which have no BPA, Phthalate or Lead. Non-Toxic. This not only protects against allergens but also creates a soft and fluffy environment for lasting comfort.

This blankets is machine washable on  cold. And it has been pre-washed and pre-shunk so you don’t have to worry about it becoming misshapen.

Best weighted Blankets for Anxiety

When you have a company that has been created to help fill a need in their own personal lives, you see the love in the creation and benefit from it. This is a great company with a great product and should definitely be considered when making a purchase this big.

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SensaCalm Therapeutic Adult-Length Weighted Blanket

weighted blankets for adultFor our next review we turn to Sensacalm.

Sensacalm has been around for quite awhile and have made quality their #1 must-have when creating these best weighted blankets.

More Weighted Products

Not only do they offer some of the best weighted blankets, but their inventory ranges from lap pads, to weighed wraps, to weighted vests. With so many different options it’s hard to not buy one of everything!

Made with high quality materials, including fabric and thread, Sensacalm goes the extra miles and guarantees their product with a money back policy if you are not satisfied.

Weighted Blankets for Adults

One of the best things about this company is that they offer many different sizes for adult users. On Amazon alone they have 10 different weight classes. With quality on its side and the vasts selection for sizes, it’s no wonder why Sensacalm is only of the top rated weighted blankets for adults.

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Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket

For our last weighted blanket for adults and kids is Harkla brings a top rated weighted blanket.

Harkla has been featured in many different stores across the nation. That in itself should speak for how great the product is.

Fit for Comfort

One of the best things about the Harkla weighed blanket is the fact that the the fabric is super soft. They used a minky fabrics on one side to add to the sensory factor as well. They also know children can be messy so we made our blanket in two pieces. You can take the cover off for a quick wash and dry. No dry cleaning needed!

Weighted Blanket for Anxiety

Harkla created their blankets with anxiety in mind. They realize the benefits it can give for those suffering from anxiety day in and day out. Adding a weighted blankets for anxiety to your routine after coming home from work could be exactly what you are looking for. Relax with a good book or movie, perhaps a glass of wine,  and a weighted blanket for anxiety.

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Want to Make Your Own Weighted Blanket?

Making your own weighted blanket really is not a difficult task, especially if you have any sort of experience with sewing or quilting. There are many ideas on Pinterest that will more than likely help you out– this includes patterns and designs!

I, myself, have beenvery intrigued about making my own weighted blanket for not only the physical need, but also for the fun of having something personalized that fits my body and my taste!

DIY Weighted Blankets

Regardless HOW you are going to DIY Weighted Blanket, you will still need to get a hold of some great pellets that will be the object that helps hold the weight of the blanket. But how do you know which ones to get? So many products out there these days are filled with chemicals and by-products that could be harmful especially for full time use next to the body.

Make Your Owen Weighted Blanket

We have reviewed and heard great things from the RolyPoly Company. Their pellets are non-toxic and great for machine wash! They are also very versitile and any leftovers could be used for dolls, bean bag chairs, pillows, and much more!

Click Here to View Pellets for DIY Weighted Blankets


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