Blanket Reviews

blanket by fireplaceBlankets. I have not met a person that doesn’t have a special place in their heart for these items. It doesn’t even matter what the temperature is, one can always seem to find a blanket that matches their mood.

Heated or electric blankets are perfect for those cold winter nights. It’s not recommended that you fall asleep with them on, but let’s face it we all do it. Haha.

Although be aware if you have pets you may end up with company if you have one of these around!

Are you more of a diva at heart? The faux blanket would totally be up you ally. These blankets take on the roles of several different faux animals– lynx, sable, coyote, arctic fox, and many more. Give these blankets a try and you won’t be disappointed.

brown blanketMicro fiber blankets are great for adding to your bed set. I have one between my top sheet and comforter. It weighs the sheets down, while still giving you the breathability.

Also, these blankets stay in great condition forever. The one I have is 8 years old and it’s like I got it yesterday.

Who doesn’t like a super soft plushy blanket? These are great for snuggling up for a nap on the couch. Or if you are a passenger on a long road trip. It’s your go-to blanket that you can always count on to be there to keep you warm.