Best Throw Pillows

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But be aware there are a couple rules to keep in mind when going about choosing the right throw pillow. If you are new to the pillow picking outing continue below to read a few key principles to keep in mind to choosing the best accent pillows for bed.

Sizing the Best Throw Pillows

This is hugely important. You aren’t going to want one pillow morphing your entire bed (or in cases your couch, if your tend to find that a comfier place). But you also don’t want to get a pillow so small that it’s more just in the way than anything else. A standard size throw pillow is about 16-18″x16-18″.

You also don’t want to get 4 pillows all the same size. Alternate the sizing and your bedding will be opened up to endless possibilities of dimensions.


As with picking out any kind of pillow, fill is very vital. We talk about these aspects on most of my pillow pages because fill really does make a difference. There is nothing worse than buying a pillow, bringing it home and finding out after a couple weeks or use that it’s a dud.

Goose is obviously going to be the best option for longevity, but also the most expensive. Polyester, foam, or a synthetic mix are going to be more budget friendly but make sure you are picking when purchasing. Buy a firmer one with the intent of it loosing up over time rather than a softer one only to have it look frumpy after a couple weeks.

Pattern or Solid?

Keeping in mind the pattern or solid debate is another key aspect. When choosing a solid, especially if it’s bright, is going to be your foundation or your eye-catcher, if you will for your room. Try not to over stimulate with too many bright colors.

Rather, go ahead and place a patterned pillow in front of the solid pillows to really bring the out accent (accent pillow, get it? Accent? ha.) By complementing the 2 differences it really pops a room.

And if you are really daring, go ahead and try mixing different kinds of patterns. I know, scary, right?

Strength in numbers?

It’s easy to get overzealous with pillows. They are so beautiful, so fun. But also, like many things in life, in moderation.

A huge thing to keep in mind that goes along with this is not to buy on a whim. Choosing the best throw pillows is best as a calculated buy. I mean, you need to have fun with it. Definitely buy a pillow if you just can’t live without it, but if you are going for a specific look stick with your idea and your budget and I’m sure you’ll end up satisfied.

This means not having 10 accent pillows for  bed. First, I don’t know how one could sleep with that many decor pillows (note: I do realize that there are people that sleep with 10 bed pillows. Decor pillows? Not so much.) Second, like it was said, moderation is key to keeping it clean yet giving it the pop your bedding needs.

Best throw Pillows

I’m gonna be honest, most of these reviews will be because I think these pillows are adorable. It’s hard to actually review too many decor pillows because there are soooooo many. So instead we are going to focus mainly on quality and the manufacturers that have a good reputation more than anything. I really feel like that will get your the best accent pillow review.

Majestic Home Goods Pacific Towers Round Bolster Pillow

bolster pillowBolster Pillow Review

Were you looking for a splash of color but were wanting something other than the usual square pillows. Check this one out!

This gorgeous bolster pillow is great by itself or with a group of pillows. It will add that flare to your style that you were hoping to achieve.

Best Outdoor Pillow

100% outdoor treated polyester means you will be able to enjoy this color both inside and out. Bring this pillow on outside on your favorite outdoor furniture and give it the color you’ve been searching for.

No worrying if the weather will ruin it with the treated fabric. You have 1000 hours of UV protection packed into this pillow. Although with a pillow as awesome as this one you’ll still probably want to keep it safe when not in use.

Made with the softest polyester fiber fill you may just be able to find yourself a new weekend afternoon napping pillow. You know the pillow I’m talking about. Generally not one you would use for regular sleep use, but something to help with those lazy afternoons.

Throw Pillow Review

There are a ton of different styles and colors that Majestic Home Goods offers on Amazon. So if you were wanting a different color or style, click the link below and you will be able to see all the different suggestions related to this pillow. Don’t let this deal pass you buy, it’s a gorgeous color with a very unique shape that is sure to add an extra kind of style to your bedroom.

Click Here to View the Round Bolster Pillow

 Brentwood 18-Inch Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow

fur pillowWe are going to switch it up a bit with a beautiful faux fur throw pillow. With this 18inch Mongolian faux fur it will create that flare you have been looking for.  Turn the pillow over and you have a soft suede backing.

The dramatic look with the fur gives off a look that many look for. But with this simple purchase you are able to have it in your own home.

Great Company

I have done many reviews for the Brentwood Company. They produce a quality product at a great price. They stand by their product to give their customers only the best.

The Best Throw Pillow

There have been several concerns with the fur on this pillow. That it’s really pretty strangly and just not fur like at all. The solution: brush it. Just like you would a pet. When the pillow goes through shipping sometimes the fur takes a beating. But the easiest way to get that faux fur feeling back is to simply brush it.

Throw Pillow Review

Easy cleaning with a damp cloth will help keep this pillow looking great. Enjoy it in your bed, the office, your couch. Almost any place could use a beautiful, soft pillow just like this one. It will add a dramatic look that is unique and bold at the same time.

Click Here to View the Faux Fur Pillow

Greendale Home Fashions Indoor/Outdoor Accent Pillows

chevron pillowI’ll be honest, it was really hard to decide which of the best throw pillows I should use. There are so many great pillows out there that it made choosing these 3 so hard.

In fact, I may just have to come back and do another couple reviews just to quench this throw pillow desire.

What’s even better is that this pillow comes as a set. So you get to enjoy 2 for the price of 1. How great is that?

Quality USA Made

This beautiful set comes to you by the Greendale Home Fashion company. They have several beautiful pillows with many different designs. If you aren’t a fan o the yellow chevron design. Go ahead and take a look at the other ones they have. You will not be disappointed in their selection.

Best Outdoor Pillow

Made with 100% polyester fill for the ultimate comfort you will be able to enjoy this beautiful pillow set both indoor and outdoor. The UV resistant fabric allows for many hours of outdoor use for your pleasure.

Accent Pillow for Bed

The beautiful design and print is fantastic for whatever room you need it for. I actually have very similar pillows within my living room and I can’t ever start to tell you how wonderfully gorgeous they make the room pop.

Whatever you need a couple of beautiful pillows for, all these pillow will be able to not only do the job, they will exceed at it. Enjoy not only the colors, but the styles, the comfort, and so much more.

Click Here to View the Greendale Home Fashions Accent Pillows