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Softest Cotton Sheets

Picking out the best cotton sheets in the world is a pretty big commitment. You are spending quite a bit of your life between the sheets so you want to make sure you are choosing a set that is going to be comfortable and last a long time as well as the best softest cotton sheets for the money.

A couple things to keep in mind when choosing The best cotton sheets In the world:

Thread Count

This is measured by the number of thread on a one inch square of the fabric. If you are going to want to have sheets that last longer you want to make sure that the thread count is higher than 250-300.

Although the type of fabric also has a lot to do with the durability of the sheets. In fact, it can go all the way back to the manufacturer itself making sure they used the best cotton for sheets in the world.

But don’t let the super high thread count sheets sway your sheet buying decision. Once you hit 300-400 the difference is not as noticeable for the softest cotton sheets.


Keep the maintenance in mind when you are checking out different bedding sets. There is a happy medium. You want to be able to have the benefits of the softest cotton sheets but without having to worry about spending too much time caring for it. Which is why I’m going to give you the softest cotton sheet review while keeping care in mind.


If you are looking at purchasing a patterned or colored cotton sheet set do be aware of yarn dyed fibers. This means that the threads were colored before woven together rather than being sprayed on after the sheet is made. This causes sheets to be stiff and loses the softness that is most desired for the best cotton sheets in the world.


These sheets that exhibit the longer fibers are going to have a softer feel to them. Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets use the longer fibers as a staple in their product. Having longer fibers not only make the softest cotton for sheets but also help the fabric not to pill (tiny little balls of fabric).

I have taken the time to go through several different sets to make sure you have the best reviews for 100% cotton sheets. We will discuss everything from who has the best cotton sheets in the world to what the softest cotton sheets are for the summer. I want to make sure you have quality information for your sheet buying experience.


Pinzon 500-Thread-Count Pima Cotton Sheet Set

pinzon sheetsFor our first review of this section we are looking at Pinzon’s 100% Pima Cotton Sheet set for the softest cotton sheets.

Pinzon is a very reputable company. It’s one that Amazon favors very much. The reviews and feedback are top notch on any of the their bedding products.

They pride themselves on their elegantly made and high quality products.

A Full Set of the softest Cotton Sheets

This set includes a fitted sheet that is 15 inches deep, perfect for those larger mattresses. No worrying about the corners coming off in the middle of the night making for an uncomfortable night.

A top sheet and 2 pillowcases are also included making it a perfect queen sheet set. This particular sheet set also comes in Full, King, and California King. Extra pillow cases are also available for separate purchase.

The Best cotton Sheets in the World

While these sheets do say a 500 count it might leave you expecting a superb quality that doesn’t even exist. We’ve talked about the fact that once you get over 300-400 thread count that it basically doesn’t matter. Some say this is true about this softest cotton sheet set.

But many customer’s have gotten exactly what they have expected with this set.

Luxurious and Smooth

These luxurious, silky smooth sheets are a great set if you are looking for a new change for the new year or perhaps the first time living on your own. With the various vibrant colors available you are able to choose one that matches your taste and decor.

With easy care of this set you will be able to spend more time in bed sleeping in Saturday morning rather than spending tons of time with high maintenance cleaning. What are you waiting for? Get yourself some of the best cotton sheets in the world!

Click Here to View the Pinzon 500-Thread-Count Pima Cotton Sheet Set

Rayon from BAMBOO Sheet Set Thread Count Cotton Sheet Set

bamboo cottonWe are going to switch things up a little bit with some Bamboo bedding. I have reviewed the Bamboo Duvets on this page. There has a lot more detailed information about the making of bamboo fabric and how it came to be.

Bamboo sheets are made from the bamboo plant. It is tough, strong, yet fine and smooth. It is made to create the most beautiful mixture with cotton to give you a strong yet soft fabric.

Another great thing about bamboo is that it is known for it’s breathability. This helps you get a great nights sleep not feeling suffocated in your own air.

New Blend

What’s great about this sheet set is that it is mixed with Egyptian Cotton to give you a new blend take displays the best of both world— luxurious and smooth. It brings you a newer product that is superior to the rest and some of the best cotton sheets in the world.

Long Term Quality

Now since it is a newer product there is still some desire to get more reviews about it. We can’t fully give you long term quality like other sheet sets, but the fact that we are combining 2 of the greatest fibers certainly says something about the quality and the softest cotton sheets.

Curl up in these beautiful, and well made bamboo sheets. No worrying about extra care other than just cold washing (save money on hot water!). These will surely be a great set to add to your bedding collection.

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Organic Cotton Bedsheet Queen Set

organic beddingAnother option with cotton sheets is going organic. Organic is a wonderful option if you are sensitive to toxins in sheets or manufacturing processing. Sometimes that packaging can get really strong smelling that then translates into your bedding for quite sometime.

Skip the Smells

So skip that stuff this time around and go with organic sheets. Not only will you avoid the packaging smells, but also will be able to carry that organic mindset throughout the life of the sheets. Not only do you get to skip the smell but also get the softest cotton sheets.

This sheet set is very specific about it’s no toxin policy and gives you a chemical guarantee with its purchase.

What about softness?

It’s said that because there are no chemicals that there is no way to ensure the softest cotton sheets. That is not something you will have to worry about with this best organic sheet set. The softness and quality are very present and will leave you feeling satisfied.

With this set you should expect to receive a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 overlapping envelope pillowcases. The stitching is perfected to give you a long enjoyable life of the sheets. Add this set to your collection and they may just became your favorite and the best cotton sheets in the world!

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