Best Pillows for Back Pain

lumbar pillow

What ARE lumbar pillows? Well if you are one that suffers from chronic, or perhaps even mild, back pain you probably already know this. Lumbar pillows are used to assist in supporting the back in it’s natural arch to relieve back discomfort with the best pillows for back pain.

Lumbar pillows are also used to promote posture, whether it’s for work, driving, or simply sitting on the couch reading a book a lumber pillow can help aid in encouraging a correct posture which in the long run helps with diminishing back pain with the best pillows for back pain.

The best Lumbar Pillows

There are several ways to use the lumbar pillow, some maybe you think about often, others maybe not so much. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to grab a couple of pillows when you going to purchase that way you are able to have one pillow per place that you spend the most time.

Best Pillows for Back Pain

Experiencing back pain is one of the worst things a person can endure. But with the best pillows for back  pain you can get those aches and pain relieved without the stress and extra pain of surgery or medications. Finding the best pillow for back pain can be a little challenging when matching the type of pain with the type of back. But no worries, we’ve got that covered for you in our best pillows for back pain reviews.

Best Lumbar Support Pillow for Travel

This is a big one especially if you are one to have a long commute to work. Having a lumbar pillow in the car is a great place to start using one. I can’t count the times I have taken a long distance trip only to have incredible back pain once I reach my destination. One of these pillows would definitely come in handy.

best Lumbar Support Pillow for Office

Spending long 8+ hour days at work in a chair? This is a must. Even the best of the work chairs only have so much support in the back. While we sit the nerves that run from our back go all the way down our legs so even if you are having legs pain this may also help with that.

Best Lumbar Support Pillow for Sleeping

If you are a back sleeper, or at least what to be but the back pain prevents you from doing so. Go ahead and try using one of these on your bed for your back while you sleep. You may need additional pillows to prop your knees to give you that ideal comfort, but it may be your live saver in the end.

Best Lumbar Support Pillows

At the end of the day it’s been said that these are truly a life saver. Only a doctor will have a clear understanding if a lumber pillow will help alleviate your back pain, but with how affordable these pillows are it may just be worth a try. And if you do find one that suits you be sure to buy several so you can have them in your favorite spots! That way you can have the best pillows for back pain everywhere you go!

BackGuard™ – Premium Lower Back Pain Cushion

lumbar pillowFor our first lumbar support review we are going to be looking at the Backguard Premium Lower Back Pain Cushion. If you are looking for the best of the best this is definitely one to deeper consider.

This pillow has been given all the rave reviews that it indeed is the best when it comes to support and comfort to your lower back.

Lower back issues are not to be taken lightly. It is hard to live life when a vital part of your body is under pain. With Backguard, they understand that and have taken the time to create a lumbar support pillow that can take away those aches and pains.

Pillow to Help with Back Pain

If you’ve ever experienced back pain you know how much it can cripple you. The pain and pressure one must endure for long periods of time either traveling or at the office can be torture at time. But with this best pillow for back pain you will get the support you need for those long days of sitting.

Pillow that helps with posture

We can get a little lazy with our posture. It happens. We get tired and tend to slump a lot more. With this pillow you will be able to get the posture support you need to keep those muscles where they need to be. In the end this can also help with any kind of back pain that presents with poor posture.

simple posture in chairAdjustable Straps

Super handy, here. Adjustable straps. I’m one of those people that likes things to stay in their place. So if I were to get up after using the Backguard the the pillow keeps falling over, I might end up having a problem with that. Knowing that it comes with adjustable straps to keep this pillow exactly where I need it to be is super helpful.

Backguard Pillow Review

Another great thing about this pillow is that it’s not too big nor too small. It’s hard to tote a pillow around that is so bulky especially if you need to bring it everywhere. It does a great job balancing that perfect size.

Aren’t you tired of dealing with back pain everywhere you sit down? It’s time to try the real deal. And with its 90 day money back guarantee there really is no reason to wait to buy it. You’ll be able to do your work more efficiently and drive more comfortably.

Click Here to View the BackGuardtrade Premium Lower Back Pain Cushion

 Therm-A-Rest Lumbar Pillow

therma rest lumbar pillowWe are taking a little bit of a different turn with this one. If you have tried all the molded foam pillows before and still haven’t found one that supports your back the way you might need it to I ask you to give this one a try.
With Therma-rest pillow you are given a mix of molded foam and an air filled pillow. It’s been rated very highly and many people have been very satisfied with this new kind of lumbar support pillow and one of the best pillows for back  pain.

Self-Inflating Pillow

With this lumbar support pillow all you have to do to inflat is open the small valve. You can customize it to your needs. If you like firmer, then let it inflat the entire way. If you are one that is looking less firmness, only open it for a little bit. Either way it’s super easy and to deflat you just roll the air out.

Die-cut Foam

Within the pillow there is also a die-cut foam for your spine to give that extra support one needs in that area. An air inflated pillow can be great for support, but adding that extra foam to specifically tackle the spine for support, it just genius.

 Therm-a-rest Lumbar Pillow Review

This pillow is one of the more unique lumbar support pillow. It incorporates several different things to give the support one need to tackle that work day. And what’s even more great is that it comes packaged really small so you can literally take it where ever you need to. Long subway riders— I’m talking to you! Getting one of these best pillows for back pain may be just what you need.

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Chair Lumbar Support by Vive

chair lumbar supportThe best lumbar support pillow for office

For our final review we are looking at the Chair Lumbar Support by Vive. If you are looking for long awaited comfort this may be the one.

With great reviews and personal comments on the positive health effects they have had from this pillow, I’d say it’s a winner in the lumbar support category.


Best Pillow for Pain Relief

Pain is awful. It’s crippling. My heart goes out to anyone that has to deal with in on a daily basis. I have seen over and over again how much the *right* lumbar pillow really matters. People with injuries, or health issues, or even just aging have the hardest time dealing with back pain.

But with the best lumbar support pillow, all that can be gone. And if not gone, at least make the back pain more tolerable.

With this pillow, it does just that.

The Ergonomic contours naturally curve to your body giving the back and spine the exact support it needs in the right places. The molded foam is the ideal balance for support and comfort making it one of the best pillows for back pain.

Portable and Versatile

Like the other pillows we talked about this one is also great for taking where you need to. In fact, you may not ever leave for anywhere without it. Some customers have even gone so far as to get several of these pillows to makes sure they are available at every place they usually are.

Lumbar Support Pillow Review

One of the best things about this best pillows for back pain is it’s easy care. If you are using it for everyday use, especially in the car you are really going to want to be able to wash it without it losing the benefits of the cushion and shape. But that will not be a worry with this pillow.

Along with the easy care is the lifetime guarantee. It’s really only far that if you are going to be spending your hard earned money on something that it come with a risk free buy if something were to go wrong. Send your worries far away because with this best pillows for back pain and you will be able to rest easy.

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