Pillow Reviews

Pillows are the cherry on the top of a sundae. The complete the room in such a way that it can leave you feeling complete. Pillows also have the power to take a room from country to modern.

After you have your room displayed how you want it you are going to want to decide 3 major attributes of pillows: shape, texture, and size.

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5f63f5cf770e37d42298f5c5b0412ea8First; shape. Most of your standard decor pillows come in the regular square shape. But I encourage you to think outside of the box.

Much of the biggest trends are saying that rectangle and circle are very much in style these days.

They are actually some of my favorite shapes for pillows. Play with a couple different shape pillows in the storeĀ  by putting them together in a group.

Don’t be scared to really get crazy with the shapes. You would be surprised what looks awesome together on your bedding.


Texture/Patterns: This could also be classified in the type of fabric and the design of the fabric you are going with. You are going to want a couple of a solid color pillow then add a couple different pillows with different designs and then a pillow with a special texture, like a 3D flower look or a faux fur. This is huge when making that POP in your room.

31bf2112cbc9ec73209b36a6fd37af4fThere is a ton you can do with texture and design of the pillows, so don’t be afraid to really get creative!

There are a couple rules when it comes to mixing patterns that you should be aware of if you are going to use more than one pattern.

Work with an odd number of patterns. Start off with 3 patterns, they really don’t have to have anything in common design wise, but start with 3 first and when you’ve mastered those then you can move up to 5 different patterns.

I love this pattern from Amazon, it’s the JinStyles Cotton Canvas Quatrefoil Accent Decorative Throw Pillow Cover. It is a beautiful design and a great size to cover the pillows you already have at home.


c44434bd843d25333c73c561b679d9adSize: I like to say the bigger the better with pillows. The solid colored pillows you are going to want in a bigger size because those will be the pillows that make the back drop of your display.

After you’ve got a couple of the bigger pillows set you can then move to a medium sized pillows as you accent pillows.



The pillows sizes here make it easier for you when you are in the store and have absolutely no clue what size it really is or if you need a pillow cases for it. It can be confusing! So here’s a helpful hint for that!


Also, here is an easy how-to when it comes to displaying different sizes. It’s a perfect example for different sizes and designs together. So take a look at this great pillow arrangement!


Also, are you looking to get a personalized pillow that you are sure you just won’t find in store? Make your own! Visit my easy DIY Cozy Pillow page to see how you can make your own! It’s easy and fun!