Comforter Reviews

What you need to know before buying a comforter

There are several things to consider when buying a comforter and right now I’ll make an easy-to-follow bedding guideline on what you should be thinking about.

You need to decide between down and the down alternative. Down tends to be a little more light and won’t give you that suffocating feeling that one might feel with the down alternative. One thing to keep in mind with down is your allergy level. You really don’t want to be sneezing up a storm while you are trying to get some shut eye. Down does tend to be quite a bit more expensive but I’m confident to say that you will be very pleased with the money you put into it.

This is a beautiful down comforter from Amazon. Click the picture to see more!

This is also a beautiful down alternative on Amazon.

Definitely keep your sleeping habits in mind when you are trying to decide what kind of fill you are looking for. Anything 500 and under will be lighter so if you like it cool you may want to go with that one. Looking at something closer to 600 fill will be more for those like myself that like to bake when you sleep ;).

If you do go with something more like a down alternative make sure you open the package slightly and rub it between your thumb and forefinger. You want it to slid easily. The easier it slides the less likely it will clump.

And as always, always, always, is the thread count. This is especially important when dealing with a comforter because this is what will be keeping you warm in the winter. Also, the higher the thread count the less likely you will have those little pokey feathers or fluff sticking out.

If you are looking for a good time to buy look in January. It’s just after the holidays when a lot is marked down. Retailers are looking to move their products to make way for the spring season.