Down Alternative Comforter Reviews

alternative comforter

Alternative comforters are exactly what their name says, alternative. They are alternative to goose down comforters. While goose down may be the ideal comforter, your budget may want something a little more ideal in the price range, though this doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice on quality.

Fill Type

There are several different options when dealing with alternative comforters. The first is decided what kinda of fill material works for you. This ranges from rayon, to polyester, to cotton. Each material has their own unique quality.

Warmth Level

Most Alternative Comforters have different warmth levels available. These help you with your own personal needs and area temperatures.

Summer Comforters

These are perfect for those summer nights when you want to be covered, but not really kept warm. I am one of those types of people that needs a little more than a sheet but nothing too heavy where I wake up in a pool of sweat.

Warmth Level 1

This is the more popular warmth level. It gives the warmth of 2 thick blankets but  not too much to keep you sweating in the spring or fall.

Warmth Level 2

This level is the thickest and perfect for winter, especially in those northern states. These are also the heaviest in weight so that is something to consider depending on how much weight you like on you as you sleep.


Fabric type is also very important when decided on an alternative comforter. This also includes thread count. Much of the same considerations come into play as they did with the sheet guide. While I will mostly be comparing and review cotton fabric alternative comforters I also made a section for the popular Satin and Egyptian Cotton duvets as well.


While most of these comforters are great to use by themselves there is always the option for duvet use. This means you put the comforter inside of a, basically, well made fabric bag. There could be several reason to do this whether is be for looks or because the face of the comforter is worn down but still had a lot of use left in it.

Comforter Reviews

I have put together several of my favorite alternative comforters that will hopefully be a help for your comforter buying experience. I have used both goose down and alternative comforters and have found both to have their pro’s and con’s. I will be able to give you a hands on description.

Royal Hotel’s Goose Down Alternative Comforter

down alt 1This luxury down-alternative comforter offers medium warmth for year-round comfort for those that seek it.
The company is one to stand by it’s product and provide that to you. I have always been impressed with Royal Hotel products and really believe they offer one of the best down alternative comforters.

Various Sizes

They offer various different sizes, perfect for your exact needs. What’s better yet is that they offer “over-sized” king and queen comforters for those of you that love being completely submerged in comfort.

Quality Fill Power

With 750+ fill power of the down alternative and 86 oz of 100% down-alternative fill you are left feeling not only warm, but also like you are sleeping within in a cloud. The fill that is used is of great quality and it perfect for even year round temperatures.

Best Egyptian Cotton Down Alternative Comforter

The comforter fabric itself is made of 300 thread count of Egyptian Cotton. This is also hypoallergenic for those of you that are sensitive to those icky allergens that tend to plague our bedding. This makes it the best comforter for allergies.

Down Alternative Reviews

With its baffle box design it helps avoid any shifting that could occur over time. This design helps with those cold spots that pop up as well.

Overall this is a phenomenal comforter. It’s great for those of you that prefer something other than goose down or perhaps want to use that budget money for something else. Stop paying for those bad quality comforters and get one that will last longer!

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Oversized-Reversible Solid & Striped-Down Alternative Comforter

down alt 2It’s hard to come by a product that has great reviews like this one. Out of 5 stars, this one comes in at 4.6. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me. There is really not much other than just very happy and very satisfied reviews on this comforter.

And for the price they are asking, it’s not a bad one to really look into.

Best Comforter Review

Its light weight, medium warmth is perfect for year round warmth. The fill itself is polyester and it great for those easy washes. Not to mention, great for those long cold nights.

It comes in several sizes, including those coveted oversize options.

Down Alternative for Duvet

This is also a great comforter for duvets. It comes pre-made duvets corner tabs to help keep it in place inside the duvet cover. That is something you really want to watch for when you are buying a comforter, is if it has the option to anchor inside a duvet.

down alt 2 stripeBest Down Alternative Comforter

This is a gorgeous reversible white solid and white striped design. The stripe is subtle but beautiful. With its microfiber cover you never have to worry about pilling. And worrying about pollen or dust is now an afterthought as there is no way it’s getting through this makes it the best comforter for allergies. Enjoy that extra time you’ll have with its easy care, perhaps watch a movie or cook up a nice dessert!

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Natural Comfort Classic Heavy Fill White Goose Down Alternative Duvet Insert Comforter

down alt 3For our last review we are looking at the Natural Comfort Classic. The name spells it all–  comfort. You can tell from the pictures along that this an a great product for comfort. And the reviews back it all up.

This comforter is one the the cheaper options but that doesn’t mean you have to go cheaper in quality. It’s a great product that doesn’t cut corners and gives you a great result in the end.

Every size comes in an extra large option. This is great if you are one that likes to snuggle up with more comforter.

The cover is made with 100% cotton and with 100% polyester. With the 200 thread count this is a great price for such a high count.

Along with our previous review, this one also comes with duvet anchors for easy attachment of the duvet.

Comforter Reviews

With it being machine washable and dryer safe you no longer have to make those dreaded trips to the dry cleaners and hope that they didn’t ruin your expensive goose down comforter. For the comfort of your home you can easily care for it. What are you going to do with all that extra time!

Snuggle up with this baby and enjoy saving that money. In fact, you will save more than just on the initial cost, but also in your heating bills as you won’t have to use it as high during the winter.

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