Super Soft Blankets

cable knit blanket

Me for personally, the softer the better. I just get an addiction to them especially in the winter time. But I realize that not everyone is like me. Some people doesn’t really care for the fluffiest kind of blankets like I do, but perhaps they like a fleece or a chenille.

Fabric types are the most important thing when it comes to choosing the softest blankets. So it’s definitely something we need to consider and go over so you have a better idea of what you are buying.


This is a beautifully spun fabric that is perfect for cuddling up. It’s usually not too thick but the softness is still a huge factor when it comes to chenille.


Fleece is the thinnest of blankets with a wow-softness factor. These are usually great blankets for those that have sensor issues and need something soft, but not super soft.


This is another great alternative to those huge, super thick soft blankets. This gives off a softness that is unexplainable because it’s usually one of the thinnest fabric out there.


This faux mink shouldn’t be categorized until faux fur blankets because it’s not really fur, but does deserve a spot in out super soft blanket page because of it’s thinner softness.


I remember as a kid cuddling up in bed at my grandma’s house in one of these blankets. There was always one around to grab. These resemble mink, I think, but have shorter fibers than mink. These blankets also tend to be a little more stiff.


This will be your ultra-soft, wow blanket. I have one of these and just can’t get enough of it’s softness. The only thing better for my blanket would be if it were heated. Unfortunately for Sherpa, though, they don’t take to keep their softness as long as other blankets.

Blanket Reviews

I will give my finest reviews for these different type of blankets. There are so many different ones out there that it’s hard to know where to start. We will discuss quality, pro’s and con’s, producers, and much more. I want to make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for.

Cable Knit Sherpa Throw Cozy Reversible Lined Blanket

brown knit throwThis beautiful knit and sherpa blanket is absolutely perfect for the cold winter nights or perhaps even late nights outside in the summer as well. This blanket has no time frame.

Measuring at 50×60 inches this is a great size for a lounging on the couch and being covered up completely without having too much excess fabric. And being a little on the heavier side the with the thick cable knit it really is a great balance of not too big and not too small.

Best Cable Knit Blanket

Having a beautiful cable knit on one side is an amazing feature that is kinda rare to be seen in blankets. The thickness of it gives it an added weight to really keep one warm and comfortable.

Have the sherpa on the other side gives the blanket the softness it needs as well. Not that cable knit isn’t soft, but sherpa adds such an extra element of softness. This blanket almost reminds me of sweet and sour chicken… such a delicate balance. And this blanket was able to achieve that.

Quality Blanket

It obvious from just looking at the picture that this blanket has quality written all over it. Those that have previously bought this blanket have nothing but good words to say about it’s beauty and quality. Many have gone on to say that they plan to purchase another one for a family member.

Soft Blanket Review

It’s not a secret that this is one of the best blankets out there. It’s gorgeous and just longing to be cuddled up with. If you are looking for a great holiday gift, this is definitely one to consider. Go ahead and be that new favorite person that bought the most beautiful blanket out there.

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aden + anais Rayon From Bamboo Daydream Blanket

aden and anais blanket reviewWe are going to take a different turn on softest with this review. Most of the time when you think of the softest blanket you think of fabric that is really thick. This blanket is the complete opposite though. It is made from the softest muslin out there. Each layer is so incredibly thin that you can almost see through it.

Don’t get it twisted though, just because the fabric is thin is does not mean that it’s not high quality. This is some of the strongest high quality fabric you will find. And it is also the softest you will find.

Aden And Anais Blanket Review

I was first introduced to this kind of blanket with my when my nephew was born. Apparently the best Aden + Anais blankets are a huge hit in the baby world. And I don’t blame them, this blanket is perfect for wrapping up a newborn and snuggling. It’s breathable yet able to hold the swaddle form. You can bet I’ll definitely be investing in a couple of these someday. In the meantime I’m gonna get me an adult one.

Layers of the softest Muslin

Measuring in at 60×72 inches it is awesome for snuggling. It’s light yet gives one the most comfort. It would be perfect especially if you live in the south where the weather is warmer. There are 4 layers of the best quality bamboo muslin that only gets softer with each wash.

Softest Blanket Review

This beautiful blanket is definitely a great buy to consider. Although you do have to watch for snags and velcro it is relatively easy to care for.  It would be an amazing addition to your blanket collection. It’s remarkable features and softest would make it a favorite.

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Super Soft Alpaca Wool Reversible Throw Blanket

alpaca blanket This uniquely gorgeous blanket comes to your all the way from South America where they are known for their Alpacas and all the makings of Alpaca finery.

There is over 5,000 years of pure breeding gone into creating the most perfect and softest fibers from an Alpaca. And lucky for us, we get them transferred into the softest blanket out there.

brown alpacaColorful Blankets

Although there are many colors out there, the one we are primarily focusing on is the lush purple. It’s deep rich color just exhorts luxury.

But do go ahead and take a look at some of the other colors available on Amazon.There are so many different ones that surely you can find one that matches your color scheme.

Softest Blanket Review

This blanket is provides the warmth of wool, the luster of silk, the lightness of feathers, and the softness of cashmere. And with the size being an large 60×86 inches you can share it with someone special. Although there has been some talk over the authenticity of the blanket, it still stands to reason that it remains one of the softest blankets out there. Many, many customers have been completely satisfied with this product and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

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Plush Chevron Quilted Throw Super Soft Velvet Reversible Oversized Blanket

colored blanketsChevron is in, folks! Get them while you can!

If you have been watching at trends lately you probably realize how much chevron has come back into play… in basically everything! I remember seeing some of my mom’s old blankets from way back when when chevron was big in her time. Boy, it’s funny how things come around.

Best Oversized Blankets

But not only are we looking at this trendy fabric, but also the fact that it’s a beautifully made quality piece that is sure to be the talk of the room. It’s oversized and super soft. Two of the greatest qualities for any of the best blankets.

Velvet Softness

The velvet softness is second to none in this category. Made with a luscious vibrant velvet fabric that is soft to the touch, it’s one blanket that will always get grabbed from the pile to snuggle up with. Also padded with an alternative down inside, it gives an added thickness that will give you the benefit of more warmth during those cold winter months.

Velvet Blanket Review

With several different colors available you can choose to either pop your room with an accent color or have it blend in with your current scheme. Not matter which one your decide you don’t have to worry about too much care. That’s right, this is a super easy blanket to wash and just throw in the dryer. It’s hard to come across a blanket that is super soft yet still dryer proof. So if easy care is what you are looking for, look no further!

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Beautiful Super Soft Blankets

Are you in the market for some super soft blankets that are 100% low lint polyester?

If you are, then you will be delighted to know that there are excellent super soft blankets available in a variety of colors. You may even want to start selling them!

How could you start your own online business? The key is to order these blankets and then provide personal embroidery. Can you imagine how many people would want to order super soft blankets with a personal embroidered message or design?

Super Soft Blankets for Everyone

They could give these blankets away as gifts for weddings, birthdays, showers, graduation, and the list goes on and on. There have been a lot of five-star reviews about these super soft blankets.

For example, one lady commented that she uses these blankets on her child’s bed and she also uses a blanket for the family pet.

A friend of mine made the comment that she enjoys snuggling up on the couch while watching TV with one of the very soft blankets. She has also purchased many of these blankets for gifts for her family and friends.

Cleaning your Super Soft Blankets

Another comment about these blankets was how easy they are to wash and dry. One happy customer washes her blankets in cold water and then puts them into a dryer on the fluff dry setting. She mentioned that you do not want to expose these blankets to too much heat otherwise they will lose their softness.

Also, avoid using fabric softener for the same reason. She mentioned that after two years of washing these beautiful super soft blankets in this manner they still looked brand new!