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helix sleep review

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helix mattressHelix Mattress Reviews

The Helix Sleep mattress is one of its kind. What the best thing about this mattress is the fact that it is personalized exactly to your specific settings and need, which is why I created the Helix Sleep Review.

With it’s unique technology is finding your exact match for comfort, you can enjoy ultimate comfort that matches your body type. Stop wasting time trying generic mattress that are made for one person fits all.

NOT one mattress fits all

The one mattress fits all, is severally flawed logic when it comes to mattresses and needs to be addressed for those that have trouble sleeping or feeling rested when they awake in the morning.

While doing the Helix Mattress Reviews, I saw that they strive to create a perfect environment for your back, shoulders, head, neck, and hips. Alignment all of these is crucial for a rested nights’ sleep. When you create comfort and support for each of these important body points you will see a drastic improvement in your sleep.

And with Helix, they have a state of the art technologic algorithm that is specifically designed YOUR exact needs for the perfect night’s sleep for YOU. In addition to that you have several other features that make a purchase with them that much sweeter.

Helix Split Comfort

This mattress comes in split comfort for those that share a bed with a significant other. Now you can share a bed that is made for 2 different sleep needs. No more sleeping apart from each other. This mattress will bring a new level of closeness with your loved one on a comfortable level that no other mattress can meet.

Helix Sleep Reviews Questionnaire

Another unique find during my Helix Sleep reviews was finding the questionnaire piece of their buying process. I was able to fill out a user friendly questionnaire giving all the details of my sleeping habits, including how many people per mattress, my height and weight, my most comfortable sleeping position, and several other questions.

I found this to be key when researching Helix Sleep Reviews. It really brought it home for personalizing my sleeping habits into the best Helix mattress for me.

custom helix mattress

Science over sales

Helix believes with their core that the most important piece of their product is the science behind it. Sure, you can have the best salesman selling your product, or the prettiest most eye catching marketing, but if your product is not concerned primarily around the needs of the customer, your business will fail.

By formulating a specifically science behind their mattresses and giving the treatment that every customer is different (because they are) you  reach a new and personal level by being able to provide a product just for them.

Premium Materials

Because of the science behind Helix, it comes as no surprise that they only use premium materials. You and I both know that is doesn’t take long before sleeping is at it’s worst when you don’t have the right materials to do the job.

Full Great foam, Microcoils, and premuim latax, are just a few of the most awesome materials to make your sleep better.

100 Night Risk Free

While continuing with Helix Sleep Reviews I also found that they are especially proud of their products and so assured that they will back it with a 100 night risk free trial.


That’s over 3 MONTHS.

Imagine not losing any sleep over worrying if you got the right mattress. Or if all that money you just spent went to waste. If you are like me it takes a while for your brain to shut off at night. So having to not worry on if the money I just spent was a complete waste is huge.

That right there is enough to eliminate about 50% of my sleep problems. Can I get an amen?

Made to Order

What’s even more awesome about the risk free trial is the fact that this is a personalized mattress. Made especially for you. I have run into so many places that will never do a refund on a personalized product because there is no way to resell it. They would lose money if they did that.

Helix Sleep Reviews are different.

Even though their product is made to order (please be aware of shipping delays for this reason) they also risk it all  by giving their customers a risk free trial EVEN THOUGH the product is personalized and refunding could mean losing money.

I don’t know about you but that says a lot to me.

helix sleep reviewsFree Shipping

Lastly, finishing up these Helix Sleep reviews, I also discovered that shipping is FREE. As if they couldn’t close the deal already, huh? I hate paying shipping. I would much rather go to a store and pick it up as compared to having to pay for shipping since it always seems to add up to a pretty penny.

What helps it come free shipping is the fact that the mattress itself is vacuumed sealed and compacts into a much smaller space. The mattress itself can just roll out and returns to  mattress quality size with no defects from it’s smaller state. Technology at its finiest here, folks.

Helix Sleep Reviews

If you have any other questions or wanted to look into purchasing one of these awesome mattress, check out the below links to very safe and information filled websites.

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Stop losing sleep over something that can be fixed so easily!

helix sleep mattress

What others are saying!

“I prefer the Helix because you can fill out a whole bunch of information on their site, to customize the bed for your weight, height, how you sleep (on your side, stomach, etc) and you end up with a more compatible bed for YOUR body, not someone else'”

“This is a great product and I didn’t know I needed it until I bought it”

“We both slept well the past two nights and woke feeling refreshed. I had returned to seeing my chiropractor 2-3 days a week, instead of twice a month, due to chronic pain. Since there had been no injury, it was safe to attribute the pain to a junk mattress. After sleeping on the Helix for two nights, the pain and stiffness is almost gone.”

“My husband and I LOVE OUR HELIX mattress. Their customer service is stellar! We highly recommend to anyone!”

You don’t have to take my word for it on how great the Helix Mattress is, the reviews speak for themselves. And in this day and age when we have so many items to choose from, it’s a worry that we choose the right one. Lucky for us we have these great reviews to go off of. It makes any purchase, big or small, an easier one.

The Importance of A Good Mattress

sleeping mattress

What is the one constant that you are going to have in your life? It is the idea of sleep. You will want to sleep for at least 8-10 hours a day, and that is a goal you will strive for.

Sure, there are days where this is not going to be possible, and that is fine. However, for the times that you are looking to sleep, you will want the best mattress available, which is hwy I created the Helix Sleep Review.

What are some of the qualities that a good mattress is going to provide those who are seeking to get a great one for their home?

Here are the top eight:


The first thing you are going to look for in a new mattress has to be its softness, like the Helix Sleep Review. Each person is going to want the mattress to be made out of the best possible materials being sold in the market right now. However, each individual is also going to have unique demands about how hard the mattress is.

You want to find the right balance.

Go with something that has a soft casing and then choose a mattress based on hardness. This will let you find the perfect balance that is going to give you a good night’s sleep.

Less Pain And Aches

Staying in the same spot (i.e. on the mattress) for 8-10 hours a day is going to lead to issues when you are not sleeping on something that is soft and easy to adjust. Some mattresses don’t have enough “give” and that takes a toll on the body like nothing else ever could.

You will wake up with neck and back pain. It will start to beat you down, and that is never a good thing for your sleeping requirements especially with the Helix Sleep Review.

It can get to a point where you are not even able to stay asleep during the night because the pain is unbearable. It is smarter to think about getting something that is made for your body.

Better Sleep

The sleeping habits that you develop are always going to matter. You will want to get something that is easier on the mind. You will want something that you can rest your body on and know that it will feel great and is going to give you ample time to nod away as required.

You will never have to wonder about how the mattress is going to feel under your body again.

It will be a constant feeling and one you can trust.

Better Posture

Studies have shown your posture is going to be dependent on how you are sleeping and what you are sleeping on. When you are not sleeping well during the night because of your mattress, it is going to cause you to take unique postural positions that are not good for the spine.

You want to make adjustments and choose something that can adjust to your body and how you lie down.

When this is done, the mattress is going to give you full value. It is going to change how you feel and how your posture is forever.

More Space

Space matters. The sizing of the mattress is one thing, but the overall spacing is going to be determined by the shape and material that it is made out of. How much give does it have? How does it fit into a room? You want to look at all of these things and then factor in the other features.

When the dimensions are not as good as you want them to be, the rest of the mattress is not going to do enough for you in the long-term.

Smells Nice

Now, this is not the biggest benefit that a person is going to list when it comes to their new mattress, but it is one that has to be pointed out regardless. You want to get a mattress that is going to smell nice when you rest your body on it, and there are some that don’t do this as well.

You never want to lie down on a mattress that is going to smell like it hasn’t been cleaned for years.

This is an environment you are not going to want to rest your body in, and that is going to take away from the quality of your sleep as well.

Reduced Allergies

Are you a person that has to deal with allergies? Are you someone who is not going to be able to handle the dust that comes along with mattresses? Many people are in this position, and they will often state how the Helix Sleep mattress is a major problem in their eyes.

They are not able to sleep because when they wake up during the night, their eyes are red, and their nose clogs up.

it is a horrible feeling and one that many people go through because they don’t have a good mattress to provide value and protect them.

Durability Will Never Be A Problem

A good mattress has to be one that is going to last. There is no purpose behind a mattress that is going to take up space but is not going to last. There are many older mattresses you can pick up from a local garage sale that are going to provide little value and will only last a few days.

A great one is going to give value for a very long time to come. You won’t even have to think about it after a while. This is the beauty of mattresses that are made to remain durable.

Helix Sleep Reviews

Getting a mattress that you are happy with is going to take time. You have to look through the options, figure out what you want, and then make a decision which is why I created the Helix Sleep Reviews. It is not going to happen overnight, but when you can understand the importance of something valuable, the search becomes easier. Hopefully this Helix Sleep Review helped you make a more informed decision.

Even it if takes time, you will know in the end, you are going to get a mattress that is worth sleeping on night after night. Let the Helix Sleep Reviews do that for you .